Our Difference

We thrive on working through complex problems. With a pragmatic approach, objectivity and sound judgement, we empower our clients to make decisions.

Our People

Efthimia Voulcaris

/ Partner


Lawyer, Investigator and certified HR professional.

Efthimia conducts external and independent investigations for government, boards, employers and law firms. Efthimia is appointed to legal services and investigations panels and has extensive experience undertaking complex investigations in the public and private sector. Efthimia is also a trusted advisor called upon to provide recommendations to government and boards following findings of systemic issues.

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Private Investigator

/ Partner

Licenced PI (QLD)

The nature of private and covert investigation work means that it is essential that the Partner responsible for private investigation work is not identified on our website. Our private investigator Partner is a Licenced Private Investigator and Commercial Field Agent with extensive experience in discreet and covert investigations.

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John Campbell


John is admitted as a lawyer in the State of Queensland and is a nationally accredited mediator. He has been practising in litigation and dispute resolution for over 20 years.

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Kimberley Reid


Kimberley Reid is an admitted lawyer and seasoned expert in managing workplace issues with more than twenty years in the field.

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Alison Brand

BSc PgDL MQLS MAppLing, Barrister (UK), Solicitor (Queensland and High Court)

Alison is an admitted and experienced lawyer who has assisted Devaneys’ clients investigating code of conduct and policy breaches, sexual harassment, bullying and corrupt conduct.

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Cherie Orevich

LLB (Hons), BSocSci (Psych)

Cherie is an admitted lawyer with over two decades of experience. Combining her legal skill set with her psychology training, Cherie has assisted Devaneys’ clients investigating allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying, misconduct and corrupt conduct.

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Shelley-Anne Brace

B. Bus (HRM), LLB, GDLP, Bar Prac, MAHRI

Shelley-Anne is admitted as a lawyer in the State of Queensland and is a HR professional certified by the Australian HR Institute.

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